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Sacrifice Nothing

Growing businesses face all the same threats as larger businesses, but have vastly different budgets.  ProtectSMB removes the budget barrier.  You receive true commercial grade security and business continuity at an unbeatable price.

100% managed.  Every hour.  Every day.

Enterprise-Class Threat Protection

Active Threat Prevention

Multi-layered technologies incorporating machine learning, advanced behavioral analytics, and big data analysis enable ProtectSMB to provide an unparalleled defensive barrier for your business without compromise.


Browsing with confidence has gone state-of-the-art with ProtectSMB.  By combining sophisticated network attack protection with enhanced firewall rules and comprehensive web filtering, risks from hacked websites and malicious code are neutralized.


ProtectSMB stops email threats with authority!  Our built-in early warning system combines global threat intelligence and sophisticated algorithms to search message bodies and content to identify malicious links.

Protection against ransomware

Zero-day risks and ransomware can be the most harmful threats facing a business today. ProtectSMB employs advanced cyber defenses against ransomware threat vectors, including the two most common  – web browsers and email messages.

Fileless attack prevention

Fileless malware is a new attack method which exists in memory and requires a sophisticated prevention strategy.  EFI malware survives the traditional clean OS restore methods commonly used to combat malware, so ProtectSMB employs the latest cutting-edge threat prevention technologies to defeat emerging threats.

Global Aggregated Defenses

ProtectSMB customers benefit from a comprehensive cloud-based cyber protection system, combining daily intelligence from tens of millions of computers, and more than 110 million sensors worldwide.  You never stand alone with our global defense network.

Business Continuity


Since the release of Windows 10, determining which patches should be installed, and controlling the installation time is more important than ever.  With ProtectSMB, no longer will your system update right in the middle of the business day, then reboot.


Application software is one of the most common targets for hacks and malware.  Managing those patches for commonly exploited third-party software is now a critical business problem solved with ProtectSMB.


Having your computer slow to a crawl right when you need it most isn’t acceptable. ProtectSMB pro-actively monitors more than 500 data points in your computer and makes micro adjustments to improve performance.


ProtectSMB is a best-in-class data integrity solution providing snapshots for easy rollback in the event of a disaster.  All data is synced securely to the cloud and provides an extra protection against ransomware and other  risks to your business.


Over 400 hardware performance thresholds are constantly monitored to stay within specification.  ProtectSMB provides early warning allowing time to act when a hardware component is nearing the end of its life.  Business continuity enables success!

Active Computer Maintenance

The doctor is always in with ProtectSMB automatically solving problems in the background 24-hours a day that you didn’t know existed. Plus, if something does start to become critical, our engineers get notified  immediately to take action.

And many more features, services, technologies, and best practices going on behind the scenes! Business owners can simply focus on running their business, not protecting themselves and fixing computers.

Insanely Great Pricing

To eliminate price as a justification to say no, we made ProtectSMB crazy inexpensive.  And the price hasn’t changed since 2017 – five years!

No other solution can match ProtectSMB for data security, threat protection, business continuity, pro-active maintenance, and price!